Opera in 3 acts
Composer: Georges Bizet (1838 – 1875)
Libretto: Henri Meilhac and Ludo Halévy after the novel by Prosper Mérimée

World premiere: March 3rd 1875, Opéra Comique Paris, France


Bernard Broca


Bernard Arnould


Philippe Arlaud (1995 - 2002)
Simon Mills (2003 - ….)


Wilfred Houthuysen (1995)
Cees Wagenaar (1998 - 1999)
Stan Taal (2003 - ….)


The inspiration for our Carmen came to us after visiting Southern Spain and Seville with Prosper Merimée’s book as our guide. While visiting all the places of actions described in the book and experiencing how much of the places and emotions are still part of today’s culture and daily life, we became even more aware how complex the structure of the character ‘Carmen’ is.

We bring our audience 200 years back in time. We let them relive a recreation of the daily life in Seville. A society with strict social structures and full of strong contrasts: rich and poor; rules and freedom; love and violence. Unique is the passionate way how men and women, each in their own hemisphere, confront each other. Against this clear society-driven setting we tell the impossible love story of the gypsy Carmen and the soldier Don José. They cross social boundaries for this love, but the force of society makes a tragic ending unavoidable.

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