Opera in 4 acts
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Libretto: Antonio Ghislanzoni

World premiere : September 24th 1871, Khedivial Opera House Cairo, Egypt


Petrika Ionesco



Bernard Arnould



Krzysztof Pastor



Marc Heinz



Cees Wagenaar (1998)
Guy Desrochers (2001)
Stan Taal (2003 - …. )



On a a journey back in time, roughly 3000 years ago we are at a village near the Nile where the people live who are building the pyramid for the King. In the centre we see the ‘Altar’, the holy place for special ceremonies during the years of building. The actual construction site of the pyramid is further down the river. At the living and working quarters we see craftsmen work, women washing and cooking, children playing and priests engaged in ceremonies.

Once a year the King, together with his daughter and their entourage, travels down the Nile to visit the building site to see how the pyramid is constructed.

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